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It’s been awhile since Better Wages have made a post, but we’re still here. There’s been lots happening lately in the fight for Better Wages and Better Benefits, both locally, nationally, and abroad.

2-11-2014 008

Locally, we were thrilled to see “Resolution No.1″ thwarted. We like to thank everyone who took the time to contact their county commissioner.


Nationally, we had the landmark ruling that College Athletes can now form their own Unions for the purposes of collective bargaining. This is a fantastic ruling and a big step in the right direction for ALL people seeking the right to help determine their own role in their professional lives. What we at Better Wages find most appealing about this hard won fight by the students at North Western is that young people see the strength and benefits of what a group of people with a common goal can achieve. Kain Colter, the teams Quarterback and Leader spearheaded this initiative. Interestingly enough, the Teams Coach and others involved in the Multi-Billion Dollar Business of College athletics are strongly opposed to any Unionazation by the players or students.
Isn’t it funny how the people who profit the most off of the students are the ones who are the most vocal in shutting down this ruling??? It seems that the people who control YOUR future, while profiting from YOUR hard work want to remove any control or say that YOU may have.


Internationally the employees at Amazon.com in Germany went on Strike to protest low wages. The fight for Better Wages and Better Benefits is a Global fight. Better Wages & Better Benefits support the Workers in Germany and their fight for Better Wages.

You can see the story here: Amazon German Workers Go On Strike.