There’s a common misconception regarding employment, Employment Opportunities, and the IBEW. We like to take a brief moment to dispel the rumors and misconceptions. The first, and perhaps the most widely held misconception is that an IBEW member is doomed to “Ride the Bench”, or in other wards constantly face unemployment. This is simply just not the case. There are job openings around the country in a variety of industries, from Technological Plants in New York State, Data Centers in the South East, Refining in the Mid-West, to Office High Rises and Sport Stadiums on the West Coast.

The network of IBEW Locals throughout the country creates job opportunities like nothing else available in any other industry. IBEW membership gives you, the worker, access to top paying jobs, with premium healthcare and a pension all over the United States. No resumes to update, no job interviews to schedule, and no “new” wages and benefits to re-negotiate. All that is spelled out in black and white. No surprises, No compromises. The IBEW opens the doors of opportunity – It’s up to you, the worker to walk through.