Retirement and Life after “The Job”.

As Electricians we all dream of the day when we can retire and enjoy life after the job. For some, that dream involves spending time with family, for others, maybe they day-dream of fishing trips, or perhaps you have plans to travel. Or…. maybe you haven’t really put much consideration into retirement, maybe you don’t really understand what retirement is all about….

… Do you earn enough to save for retirement? Does your employer put money aside for your retirement? Will your retirement savings support your lifestyle after you can no longer work?

IBEW Local 98 and your Retirement.

Electricians who are members of IBEW Local 98 enjoy the security of retirement. As members of Local 98 they know that they can plan those destination vacations, spend time with their families, or take those exotic fishing trips when retirement approaches. Here’s what IBEW Local 98 Electricians work towards everyday.

  • Retirement income equal to income earned while working.
  • Maintaining their current standard of living.
  • Retirement before age 60.

How does it all Work?

  • Retire as young as 57 with 31 years worked.
  • No pay cuts! Retirement income equal to working income.
  • “Profit Sharing”. Every hour you spend on the job earning a profit for your employer, a portion of that profit is put aside for your retirement. This is in addition to your monthly retirement check.

If you are interested in unionizing your workplace, have more questions about retirement and IBEW membership, please feel free to contact us.