Welcome to the Healthcare and Retirement page of Better Wages & Better Benefits. We like to take this opportunity to talk about the importance of Healthcare and Retirement and to explain just what is we offer in that regard.

Healthcare & Retirement in the USA.
There are nearly 45 million Americans with no Healthcare and millions more with inadequate high deductible plans. With the passage of the “Affordable Care Act” many people will be forced to buy coverage they cannot afford, or take on plans with high out-of-pocket expense. Are you currently insured? Is the plan affordable? Does the plan cover your family? Did you lose your job and are now uninsured?

The latest statistics from the Social Security Administration show that less than 20% of the population have a pension plan in place. Being in construction, statistics say that you will retire sooner and require a greater level of healthcare to remain in good health. Are you prepared? Does your employer contribute to your retirement? Do you earn enough to save for retirement?

Healthcare and Retirement as a member of IBEW Local Union 98.

  • Healthcare provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Personal Choice.
  • No referrals necessary. See the doctor you want, when you want.
  • You, your family and any dependents are covered, with no additional cost to you.
  • In an emergency, illness, injury, or unemployment, coverage remains.
  • Lowest co-pays in the industry. ZERO dollar prescriptions. $5 Doctor Visits.
  • Retirement as young as 57 with 30 years of service.
  • Retirement payments equal to income earned while working.

More importantly, your Healthcare and Retirement benefits remain the same, no matter where you work or who you work for. The benefits are 100% transferable between all IBEW contractors and follow you all over the country.