Welcome to the “Employment Opportunities” of Better Wages & Better Benefits. Here, we like to discuss what opportunities the IBEW offers versus the competition.
During construction, work can be cyclical, and employment can change as fast as the weather. Let’s play out a common scenario. Perhaps you are an electrician working for ABC Electric. You’ve been employed for ABC Electric the past few years and things have been going well. Despite all your hard work and dedication, work has slowed down and you’ve been laid off.

Now What??? Well, you update the resume, email out to every electrician wanted ad, call around to your buddies looking for a job, work for a temp agency, maybe even respond to Craigslist…
Let’s say you find a new job. Now, you have to re-negotiate your wages, your benefits, do they even offer benefits? The situation is really like starting your career all over again.

Let’s look at what happens if you become unemployed in the IBEW. First off, you’ll be put on an “available for work list” making you immediately available to contractors who are hiring. Second, you’ll be keeping your health care while unemployed (one less headache), and Third, you have access to the entire network of IBEW locals all over the country who are hiring, and often at overtime. These jobs offer the top wages, healthcare, and pension in each one of their locales. No resume, no job interviews, no new working conditions. All you need is your tools and the desire to work.

IBEW Local Union 98 has an entire department dedicated to job creation and work opportunities. As a member of Local 98, you have unlimited access to these resources. Higher wages, top health care, great pension, and the finest working conditions anywhere in the industry.

If interested please Contact Us and remember that all correspondence in confidential.

Take a look at the new Google Data Centers being constructed all over the country. Currently there’s thousands of IBEW electricians, including Local 98 members working at these Google Data Centers.