Kiss Electric Employees Vote For Union Representation.

Kiss Electric Employees Vote For Union Representation.

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Kiss Electric of Levittown Pennsylvania is a commercial electrical contractor performing work throughout the tri-state area. Kiss employs a number of Electricians, Apprentices, & Helpers. Recently, a large number of these employees approached I.B.E.W. Local Union #98 with multiple concerns. First off, employees pay stubs were totally blank, second, it appeared that drive time, and overtime hours were not accounted for.  It wasn’t until one employee approached management about this situation that suspicions mounted. Upon asking why his paycheck appeared light, and questioning why his stub was blank, he was promptly fired and told “we don’t cater to anyone”.

That is when the talented and hard working employees of Kiss Electric approached Local 98. After Local 98 intervened, the former employee was made whole, and employees were FINALLY paid for all their hours worked. As a matter of fact, the first week that pay stubs were finally furnished with the proper information, one employee noticed their check was 7 hours short! That’s a whole days pay! It leaves one to wonder, “What if my stub was still blank? What if I questioned the amount? Would I have been shown the door too?”

After weeks of meetings between Local 98 and the guys at Kiss Electric, the employees there decided that they wanted I.B.E.W. Local 98 representation. A large majority of employees decided that the time was right and they initiated the process of having a vote to join Local 98. Predictably, Kiss Electric management panicked at the thought of their hardworking employees having a voice in the workplace and all the typical anti-union propaganda started right away. But that didn’t deter the Kiss Electric workers, it only solidified their resolve.

The management at Kiss Electric would have you believe that they are the victims and being “bullied” , or that they initiated the union vote, but the facts are, the workers at Kiss Electric were the ones being bullied, and they were the ones who contacted Local 98 and demanded a vote.

More about this will be published as the story develops.