Happy Labor Day …

Labor Day is not about an extended weekend, barbecues, or an excuse to eat to much.
Labor Day is a reminder of what the Organized American Worker has done to create the American “Middle Class”. Reasonable hours of work, better wages, better benefits, and better working conditions for all.


Remember, it is not out of the goodness of your employers heart that you enjoy a 40 hour work week, medical benefits, and a safe working environment.
These were all hard fought victories of Organized Labor.

When someone tells you that “Unions are no longer needed” or, “Unions served a purpose but no more” or, “Unions are bad for business”…….
What they are really saying is, “The 40 hour workweek is to short”, “You should earn less” and “Your well being is none of my concern”….

On this Labor Day, take nothing for granted and remember that our way of life was fought for and earned. Happy Labor Day From Better Wages & Better Benefits !!!